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Connecting your device

Internet Instructions
Your new unit offers an “already on” Internet solution provided by the property. This includes wired and may include a wireless
connection. The Internet will be active and ready to use after signing up for the service with the property management

Wired connectivity
All units have an Ethernet jack located in each bedroom and the living room and can be accessed using a CAT5 or CAT6
Ethernet cable.

Wireless connectivity (if provided)
The WiFi is active and ready to use. The property management office will provide a network name as well as a secured
password for WiFi login.

If you choose to use your own personal wireless router make sure it is not a modem/router combo device. Modems are
not compatible with the unit provided Internet. If it is a new router you will need to run the manufacturer's setup procedure
before you will be able to get out to the Internet. Plug the Ethernet cord from the Ethernet jack on the wall into the port on
your router labeled Internet or WAN. NOT the ones labeled LAN!
Personal Wireless router tips
1. Make sure to use the 5GHz band on your router. The default frequency is 2.4GHz and is not high performance.
2 Make sure your router is new or only a few years old. Older routers will not give you high performance.
3. A wired connection is always the most stable high performing way to connect to the Internet. The Ethernet wall jacks in
your unit give you the option of using a wired connection if you choose. If your device does not have an Ethernet port
consider getting an Ethernet adapter so that you can bypass the router if the router is having issues.