Connecting Devices

There are instructions on how to connect a game console under ‘Tech Support’.

Yes you may use a wireless router, however please make sure it is only a router and not a router/modem combination. There are instructions on how to connect a wireless router under ‘Tech Support’ and ‘Connecting A Wireless Router’.

There are instructions on connecting non-browser devices under ‘Tech Support’ and ‘Connecting Other Non-Browser Devices’.

If you live in an apartment with wireless internet you can connect mobile devices and tablets if you are able to pick up the signal. There are instructions on connecting these devices under ‘Tech Support’ and ‘Connecting Mobile Devices and Tablets’. If you are not in a complex where we provide wireless, you can use a wireless router to setup a private wireless connection. See ‘Connecting A Wireless Router’ for support.

General Help

  1. If you can, check to see if someone else around you is still working. (i.e. roommate or neighbor) If other people around you are not working then the apartment complex may be down at that time.
  2. Try using a different Ethernet cable to see if that enables you to get back on the internet.
  3. If possible, plug your computer into a different Ethernet wall jack in the apartment. If the computer can get out to the internet there may be a physical problem with the original jack and you should contact our tech support at (309)-451-4200.

No your computer needs to be set up to retrieve these settings automatically. Click here for directions on where to find these settings.

Yes, you are responsible for having your own protection from viruses and spyware on your computer. There are links to some anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on our Helpful Links page.

No, you will have to get an e-mail address from a provider. Some examples would be: Yahoo mailGoogle mail, and iCloud mail.

The incoming and outgoing e-mail servers should be provided to you by your e-mail provider.

You can purchase a wireless router for yourself and connect it to the Ethernet wall jack.

The U of I have recommended the following:

  1. Aventail SSL VPN. You can download the software at http://ctweb1.cites.uiuc.edu/sslvpn/clients/index.html. It is recommended to use the Direct Download and configure the software by hand. For instructions please contact the U of I Tech Support.
  2. Cisco VPN Client. You can download the software at http://www.cisco.com/cisco/software/navigator.html?mdfid=270636499. Chose the Cisco VPN Client v4.x then chose your OS. Once you have this installed please use the University’s settings to get connected to their VPN. For settings please contact the U of I Tech Support.

First you must be connected to the internet at your apartment. Then you can visit usage.connectivityu.com or click the Usage Information link up above.