Connect and Configure an Apple AirPort

1. After plugging in the power you will need to take an Ethernet Cable from the Internet Port on the AirPort into the wall.

2. The Internet Port on the AirPort has an above it. It is Not the ports with the

3. Open the Apple AirPort Utility on your computer.

4. Then select your Apple AirPort. Information for the device will come up in a window.

5. Click on Edit and it will open a new window like the one shown below.

6. Click on the Internet tab at the top.

7. On the Internet tab make sure “Connect Using:” is set to DHCP. If it is not please change it to that.

8. Next click on the Network tab at the top.

9. On the Network tab configure “Router Mode:” to DHCP and NATDo Not configure it for Off (Bridge Mode). The picture below shows an example of how it should look.

10. Make sure you click Update. After that you’re AirPort is properly configured.